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Voir Dire

Pretrial Preparation Techniques for an Effective Voir Dire

by Susan E. Jones, Ph. D.

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Voir dire can be a highly productive process, providing a wealth of information for making astute challenge decisions — and laying the foundation for your case — or it can be a disastrous waste of time. Effective voir dire and jury selection require careful preparation. This article reviews the pretrial preparation techniques that can help you develop voir dire and jury selection strategies to help you pick the best audience for your case and to give that audience the right impression.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Planning the Questioning Process
  3. 3. Interacting With Potential Jurors
  4. 4. Reading Potential Jurors’ Behavior
  5. 5. Persuaders, Participants, and Non-Participants
  6. 6. Asking the Right Questions
  7. 7. Areas of Inquiry
  8. 8. Questionnaires
  9. 9. Assessing the Case
  10. 10. Conclusion