Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education

Complimentary Programs Offered by Jury Research Institute Professionals

At JRI, our professionals truly enjoy sharing what they have learned from over 25 years of experience helping attorneys across the country select and influence juries. We are pleased to offer complimentary continuing legal education programs to members of your firm. These one hour programs are fast-paced, interesting, useful seminars loaded with practical, field-tested strategies for helping attorneys of all levels improve their litigation skills.
Online Mock Trials: On the Cutting-Edge of Technology
This program will familiarize audience members with one of the newest, cutting-edge tools in the field of jury research: online mock trials. With nearly 80% of the adult population accessing the internet daily, new research tools are available that make use of this tremendous opportunity to reach large numbers of jury-eligible community residents to participate in a virtual online trial. Online mock trials are a cost-effective tool (about a third the cost of mock trials) for quickly getting the reactions of several hundred online mock jurors to the issues in your case. Learn how these online mock trials are designed and implemented and what attorneys and clients are learning from them. Online Mock Trials are rapidly becoming a standard procedure in trial preparation for law firms, insurance companies, and corporations.
Using Juror Questionnaires:
How to Gain the Upper Hand.

This seminar will provide attendees with the most effective strategies for crafting juror questionnaires and the best arguments for persuading the trial judge to permit their use. Sample questionnaires will be distributed, and participants will be introduced to numerous examples of how to phrase questions to obtain valuable information from potential jurors. Strategies for 'scoring' questionnaires and planning follow-up questions will also be covered.
Voir Dire and Jury Selection Simplified.
Participants will learn how to craft voir dire questions that reveal problematic jurors and most importantly, how to rank order their precious few peremptory challenges to make the right challenge decisions during jury selection. Participants will learn how to spot 'persuaders' on the panel and how to use a two-track rating system to simplify jury selection. The program will review what attorneys should ask during voir dire, what attorneys must ask and what attorneys should never ask.
Witness Preparation: Preparation Makes Perfect.
Witnesses must be clear, credible and convincing. Many falter when it comes to testifying in court. This program will teach attorneys how to help witnesses become effective communicators in the courtroom. Employing a systematic approach to witness preparation can help both the attorney and the witness make real progress during witness preparation sessions.

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