Customized Jury Consulting Services to Match Your Individual Needs

No two cases are exactly alike, that's why every client at Jury Research Institute receives an individual, specialized strategic plan aimed at your distinct needs.

Our jury consultants know that each case comes with its own special circumstances, problems and challenges. That's why our approach to consulting is to do our homework in close association with your team.

We digest every fact and challenge you face to create a comprehensive, customized strategy. Our jury consultants generate a plan that provides insight and guidance to help you prepare the strongest case.

Don't go to trial without contacting the experts who will help solidify your case preparation efforts. Contact Jury Research Institute toll free at (800) 233-5879 today.

Jury Consulting Services Customized By Leading Professionals

Our team of jury consultants has developed a formidable set of jury consulting services that are customized to suit individual client needs:
  • Pre-trial services that prepare both you and your witnesses for trial.
  • Jury selection services and shadowing based on scientific analysis.
  • Video surveys for astute analysis of how each side presents the case.
  • Mock trials- to test drive your case and consider possible outcomes before you go to trial.
  • Trial monitoring-we stay with you throughout the trial; from beginning to end to lend our advice and resources.

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