High Profile Jury Consulting Services from a Leader-Jury Research Institute

How can you overcome the stress of media scrutiny and public perceptions as they pile up in your high profile case? Don't get buried in the hype, contact the leading jury consulting firm in the nation that specializes in high profile cases-Jury Research Institute.

Established in the early 1980's by legal psychology entrepreneurs, Jury Research Institute is one of the most well respected jury consulting firms in the nation. The firm's jury consulting professionals have vast experience and knowledge of how to handle the delicate situation of high profile trials and can guide attorneys to a positive outcome.

If you are challenged by a high profile case, contact the leading jury consulting professionals today at Jury Research Institute. Call 800-233-5879 or complete our online form by clicking here.

Specialized High Profile Jury Consulting Services

When you contact a jury consulting company regarding your case, you want to feel confident that the team of experts not only has extensive experience and education in high profile cases, but also the right tools and services.

Jury Research Institute offers both. Our team of experts holds Ph.D.s in legal psychology and has worked on high profile cases involving clients such as Bear, Sterns, Level One Communications and AT&T.

Some of our jury consulting services include:
  • Prospective Juror Questionnaires-to gauge the impact pre-trial media coverage has had on jurors' perceptions about the case.
  • Juror Profiles-using statistical analysis and sophisticated research procedures, juror profiles developed by Jury Research Institute help identify jurors' views and attitudes toward your case.
  • Change of Venue Study-in the event your case has been influenced by the media, Jury Research Institute's change of venue study provides you with community surveys with scientific analysis to help you argue for a change of venue.

Top Jury Consulting Services for your High Profile Case

Don't take chances with your high profile case; contact the professionals at Jury Research Institute. We understand that no two cases are alike and customize every tool and strategy to meet your needs.

Let us create a powerful strategy for your high profile case! Contact the jury consulting experts at Jury Research Institute. Call 800-233-5879.