Top Jury Consultants Sculpt a Winning Jury!

How Jury Consultants Can Help You Win a Trial!

Being fully prepared for trial begins with knowing how to select the best jury panel for a positive trial outcome. Through a myriad of surveys, evaluations and the right line of questioning, a jury consultant can assist trial teams with choosing the right jury members.

Jury Research Institute can be your team's most important asset before, during and after trial! Our team of specialists will help you to evaluate and select your jury; craft arguments to guide you towards winning the case.

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Every Aspect of Jury Consulting Under One Roof!

Put our strategic programs to the test! Our years of experience and education have proven to be successful by countless trial teams throughout the country.

We offer more than making simple suggestions and recommendations on how to select jurors and develop arguments. Our services include:
  • Focus groups to evaluate case perception and insights
  • Mock trials to test drive your trial in a variety of settings and circumstances.
  • Jury profile and selection service to help you analyze juror's attitudes, experiences and attitudes for optimum selection.
  • Shadow jury and trial monitoring services to assess how well the jury comprehends the trial.
Our comprehensive jury consulting services are designed to give you a distinct advantage.

We've Worked with Trial Teams Throughout the Country-Let Us Help You Create a Jury that's On YOUR Side!

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