Jury Consultants Study Human Behavior to Deliver a Winning Edge

Jury Consultants Study Human Behavior to Help Attorneys Craft a Case

When juror's decide your clients fate, they rely on more than just the evidence presented to them. They delve into their experiences, values and attitudes to interpret case facts. The result is that each juror's perception may be different from another's.

Perceptions often distort facts and memories of testimony which directly impacts the case's outcome. The jury consultant's role is to understand the belief systems that drive juror's perceptions of your case and to help you design a persuasive strategy with juror's behavior and experiences in mind.

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Top Jury Consultants Provide an Array of Strategies and Services

Jury Research Institute has developed a full range of strategies and tools to identify case themes and plan effective strategies.

Resources include:
  • Witness preparation to gain juror's trust as being credible and persuasive.
  • Mock trials allow attorneys to preview the case and test drive how specific behaviors can influence their presentation.
  • Shadow jury services create a "surrogate" jury that provides attorneys with feedback about how well juror's comprehend your case.
  • Jury selection tools allow you to preview how attitudes and behaviors will influence and impact your case.
  • Trial monitoring analysis allows attorneys to see how juror's respond to your witnesses, exhibits and arguments.

Jury Consultant Experts Give You the Psychological Edge

Every case benefits from a sharp examination of human behavior. Different attitudes, beliefs and backgrounds converge in one courtroom to decide the fate of a trial. Don't go to court without a strong grasp on how these behaviors could influence the verdict.

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