Leading Jury Consulting Team Helps You Identify the Ideal Jury

A jury consulting team can be a valuable addition to the legal team. Because jury selection is a very important component of trial, having a jury consultant by your side can help you discern which jurors will be an asset to your case.

When it comes to jury selection, hire a qualified jury consulting team to assist you. Identify prospective jurors who may be sympathetic to your case and let the facts and the law guide them in their decision.

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Put Our Jury Consulting Tools to the Test!

Before you enter the courtroom, we are analyzing and compiling data to prepare you for jury selection. From jury questionnaires to shadow juries, we offer an extensive arsenal of jury consulting tools to help you at trial.

Jury selection tools for a winning edge:

  • Prospective juror questionnaires allow you to gather insightful answers from potential jurors.
  • Jury profiling assistance-a comprehensive report generated from survey responses provides attorneys with analytical and statistical data to guide them in decision making.
  • Jury selection assistance--- our jury consultants guide you through selecting your jury using scientific research and data along with courtroom observations.
  • Shadow jury allows you to determine how well your arguments were received and how the jury is responding to your case.
Whether this is your first jury selection experience or your 100th, every jury selection endeavor is a unique experience. You never really know how prospective jurors will react to your case. With Jury Research Institute, your jury selection decisions are backed by solid facts and research.

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