Maximize Trial Success with Focus Group Research

Gain valuable perceptions into what matters most to jurors through focus group research. Understanding how prospective jurors' beliefs, background, attitude and perceptions impact verdicts can assist you with crafting a winning argument.

Jury Research Institute conducts customized focus groups research, tailor-made for your individual needs. Whether you need focus group insight into one portion of your case or want the benefit of a full blown case examination, we can help. We'll assemble a small group of individuals from the jury-eligible residents in your community. By getting them to speak candidly about their beliefs and perceptions, we can move closer to predicting how these may impact case facts.

Don't try your next case without analyzing how jurors' backgrounds are likely to affect the verdict. Focus group research is a vital piece in trial preparation and can assist you with crafting a successful argument.

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Focus Groups Provide Qualitative Research in a Small Group Setting

Why is having a small group setting important? Quite simply, because our focus groups closely resemble an actual jury panel of 12 to 15 individuals. Smaller numbers also encourage more one-on-one participation and interaction.
Focus group participants interact with each other and the group moderator to discuss your case. During the focus group session, individuals discuss:
  • Their personal beliefs and attitudes, so you can gauge how this may impact your case
  • Their attitudes damages
  • Their Opinions of your argument-which areas meant most to them and which areas were unclear or confusing

Be Better Prepared for Trial with Focus Group Research

Conduct pre-trial research and get answers through focus group research. The expert jury consultants at Jury Research Institute have years of experience developing custom focus groups. We understand how to interpret and analyze focus group responses so you can go to trial armed with valuable insights .

You aren't ready for trial unless you've done your homework. Go to trial fully prepared and confident with focus group research analysis under your belt.

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