Jury Consulting Expertise and Services Build Strong Cases

Strengthen Your Case with Leading Jury Consulting Services

Jury consulting services can help you build additional confidence in your strategies and arguments at trial. Jury Research Institute offers an extensive line of services and resources; our approach is to combine the skill and education of our jury consultants with our services for the most advantageous result.

Behind each strategy is the stellar education and knowledge from our jury consultants. Each strategy uses our specific tools and techniques, helping you gain fresh insights and revelations pertaining to your case.

Preparation is key; however anything can happen during trial. Our trial services extend far beyond pre-trial preparation. At Jury Research Institute we are with you throughout the entire trial to coach and advise you. We conduct ongoing research to help you during every twist and turn in your case.

Additionally, we work with our clients after trial to determine if there was misconduct on the opposing side. If yes, it gives you the chance to revisit the case and trial to identify grounds for appeal.

Our collaborative approach will be your biggest strength when you go to court! Contact the Jury Research Institute professionals today at (800) 233-5879.

Don't Go To Trial without Jury Consulting Services

When you hire a jury consultant, you can rest assured that you are entering the courtroom with astute analysis and insights that you may possibly miss without outside assistance.

In addition to having the acumen from a jury consultant, you also want to hire a firm with access to a commanding set of customizable services to create a positive outcome. Jury consultants at Jury Research Institute have deep knowledge and experience leveraging our line of proprietary services. The combination of talent, skill and experience along with jury consulting services can make a difference at trial.

Our jury consulting services focus on developing strategies to help you win!

  • Practice your trial in a courtroom setting, but without the risk using our mock trial service.
  • We conduct comprehensive surveys and focus groups of potential juries and community opinions to envision the initial direction of your case.
  • Don't put your witness on the stand unprepared-turn to our witness preparation services to get witnesses ready for trial.
  • Jury selection is one of the key elements to shaping the trial. Our jury consultants leverage their knowledge and experience to create one of our leading services-jury selection assistance. We analyze demographics, attitudes and jury experiences to help you make strategic decisions.

Put our jury consulting services and professionals to the test today! Contact Jury Research Institute toll free at (800) 233-5879. Or click here to use our easy online contact form.