Top Trial Consultants are the Team of Experts on Your Side!

When the pressure is on and you can't afford to lose, you need more than the law and facts on your side. Your case can change in a moment's notice, so having as many ''known variables'' on your side is imperative.

Going to trial is similar to playing a game of poker. The stakes are high and you and your opponent are wearing game faces. The verdict can go either way and how you present your case and whether you can convince the jury will determine the outcome.

Whether you represent a high profile client or have the odds stacked against you, you need an ally to support you and prepare you for trial.

Contacting a leading trial consultant before you go to trial is one of the smartest moves you can make. Trial consultants are highly skilled legal psychologists, trained to provide insightful trial and jury selection support. Reputable trial consultants hold a Ph.D. in psychology, coupled with field and clinical law training.

For the best trial outcome, contact the legal professionals at Jury Research Institute. We've worked on thousands of national and local cases within the Medford, San Francisco and Los Angeles area.

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How Can a Trial Consultant Help you Win?
We're not magicians, just clinically trained legal psychologists who can assist you with a myriad of trial preparation steps including:
  • Educated and insightful information about jury selection, case design and execution, trial arguments and witness preparation.
  • Mock trials, surveys and focus groups to provide a vision of what attorneys could expect from juries during trial.
  • Professionally designed courtroom graphics and displays to assist you with case illustration and support your argument.
  • Jury profiles and assistance so your legal team can identify and select a peerless group.

Don't Go to Trial Unprepared!

Why step into the courtroom without examining every aspect of how you can win the trial? Our team of legal experts can assist you with breaking down your case and identifying which services will lead you to a win.

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