Web Surveys and Focus Groups-Pre-Trial Services Provide You with the Winning Edge!

Although jurors base their decision on facts and evidence, most jurors unwittingly allow their perceptions, beliefs and personal experiences to filter into their decision. As an attorney, part of your job is to anticipate those beliefs and perceptions to create a case that will garner an advantageous response.

That's why pre-trial services such as web surveys and focus groups are vital steps toward winning your case. You will gain critical insight into prospective jurors' opinions and experiences which can ultimately shape how they decide your case.

Jury Research Institute has created a strong arsenal of pre-trial service tools like web surveys and focus groups that assist you with building the most effective argument possible.

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Web Surveys-Cost Effective and Powerful

Web surveys are one of the best ways to elicit the community's opinion about your case. We create a secure website where approximately 200 jury-eligible community residents review an online trial, enter their verdicts and assign damages. Web surveys are:
  • Highly cost effective-web surveying is an affordable and "green" (paperless) way to gain valuable information
  • A quick and easy way to evaluate community perceptions
  • A means to learning the reasons why jurors view the case in a certain way and the opinions they rely upon in reaching their verdict

Comprehensive Focus Groups-What Matters Most to Jurors

When you build your case, you want to try and identify which argument jurors will best relate to. A successful method to do this is to utilize a focus group.
Focus groups are a small assembly of individuals from the community who are asked to comment on specific information or material. Focus group results can help you with:
  • How to shape possible damage strategies
  • How to guide discovery
  • Establishing databased risk assessment

Don't Try Your Next Case without Web Surveys or Focus Groups!

Every case can benefit from pre-trial services such as web surveys and focus groups. Don't fly blind the next time you go to trial. Take the necessary steps to research the best way to build your argument so you can bring additional confidence to the courtroom.

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